who are we?

Beer mudras are the creation of Tim Boone and Lissa Stallings-Boone.
Beer mudras are the creation of Tim Boone and Lissa Stallings-Boone.


Tim Boone
Homebrewer, Craft Beer Snob, Yogi-by-marriage

timbrewingMy beer world expanded significantly in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, about the same time that the microbrewery explosion was just beginning all around the U.S. I was able to experience many of these new hand-crafted beers as my Air Force travels took me around the country and the world. In 1991, an Air Force buddy and I began brewing our own beer in my garage, and I’ve been a devout home brewer ever since.

About this same time I started dating Lissa, with whom I shared some of this new hobby. I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that she enjoyed a freshly-brewed hand-crafted brew as much as I did. We were married a couple years later and consciously included a few days in Portland, OR, on our honeymoon – because Portland had the most microbreweries per capita of any U.S. city at the time.

Since then, many of our travels have been driven by the chance to discover and experience new hand-crafted beers around the country and the world.

Lissa Stallings-Boone, BS, EP-C, CPW, RYT
Yoga Instructor, Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, Craft Beer Snob

lissayogaI discovered yoga in the mid-‘90s after several years of teaching aerobics and providing personal training services. Yoga soon became the focus of my own fitness program as well as something that I wanted to share with others. It never took me long to establish a practice and following in new locations as Tim and I relocated every 2-3 years.

Tim soon discovered yoga as well, and incorporated this into his fitness program, too. After he retired from the Air Force in 2007, we returned to settle down in our Belleville, IL, home.

A few years later, the opportunity arose for me to co-own and operate my own business and sink my passion entirely into my own yoga studio. Surya Rakta Wellness (1400 B. St., Belleville) is in its third year of operation and has been a truly exciting adventure and journey as Tim and I have worked together to establish and grow our studio.

A Natural Union

It was inevitable that these two “passions” of ours came together into this thing called Beer Mudras. We are excited to be able to share our passions with you in this way, and hope that you experience just a small piece of the enjoyment we have gotten out them over the years; and perhaps find some new worlds and adventures opened up to you in the process.

Cheers, and namasté!


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