What are beer mudras?

Beer (particularly hand-crafted beer): The magical blending of malted grains (barley, wheat, rye), hops, water and yeast to create a wide variety of ales and lagers that bring communities of people together in wonderful places and spaces.

Mudras (MOO-drahs): Hand and finger gestures, often used in the practice of yoga, traditionally in conjunction with breathing exercises, to stimulate different parts of the body, balance energy, and improve relaxation and concentration.

Beer Mudras: The perfect union of yoga and hand-crafted beer; an all-levels yoga class followed by a complimentary pint/sampler of hand-crafted beer and social time. It’s a perfect union because both activities can be enjoyed in comfortable and inviting environments that create a warm sense of community. Both have realized amazing and parallel growth and popularity over the past 25 years and with that, there exists a natural connection between the two.


What does a beer mudra look like?

Like great people having a great time with yoga and beer, of course! Check out these shots from some of our recent events to see more.